Solar Trader Goals

Just to be clear, it’s not a promise, nor commitment, nor anything like that – BUT I do have a goal, or perhaps a target of getting a version of Solar Trade solid enough for the next Beta release by year end.

This means Robert has to finish coding his mini games, I have to code space encounters, and we both have to get some test & play test time on the game.

And yes, my public posting of this is part of my kick myself in the tail to get it done.

Check back here on January 1 and see how we did.

About Jesse Markowitz

Jesse is a project manager for a big computer company to pay the bills and enjoys playtesting Robert’s latest games. Mostly he plays, but occasionally he’ll add a module or two of code.

One thought on “Solar Trader Goals

  1. I was just thinking this – I’m getting the same feeling that I get when I bring a novel to conclusion (while writing). Solar Trader has been in development for about six years (with a dead year or two in the middle). As far as a game effort goes, it’s massive. But as I was documenting out the last six or so asteroid base encounters, I’m almost done with development. Outside of helping Jesse getting ship encounters to work (and fixing bugs), I’m done.

    Now I get to just start playing and not worry about new stuff. Whew.

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